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Oct 14 2014

Another way to celebrate Connected Educator Month Join a conversation about using Genius in the classroom 9PM ET/6PM PT Wed 10.15.

We didn’t get enough last month when +Jeremy Dean joined us on TTT So we’ve asked him to come back along with a dozen other educators who use Genius with their students.  Please plan to join us on Wednesday, 10.15 at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

The Genius Education Department works closely with teachers at all levels and across disciplines to design and implement classroom projects using the “Genius” collaborative annotation platform. Whether the assignment is a classic work of literature, primary source historical document, or scientific article, Education Genius lets students analyze and discuss their coursework line by line, online. We’re updating close reading for the twenty-first century! Public school educators, check out our annotated Common Core to learn how you can use Genius to implement the standards for reading and writing.

Who writes the annotations?
Across the Rap, Rock, Lit and History Genius channels, students are major participants in our project of breaking down all genres of writing. Teachers add texts to the site and students sign up for accounts to annotate their reading, earning “Genius” IQ points for their contributions.

To learn more, check out this video:

And don’t miss this resource, posted on Digital Is last month byMeera Nair, “Annotate the Plot: Using Annotation to write better Fiction - See more at: 

Youth Voices teachers are beginning to connect their students on Genius too. See our community page

These are just a few links to whet your appetite! Educators have just begun to imagine the possibilities of connecting their students on Genius.

Please plan to join us for this conversation about Genius with educators who are using it with their students now. Join us at at 9PM ET/6PM PT on Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oct 12 2014
A Day at Lake Placid with Sam, Dev, and Marcie, a set on Flickr.Another great day in the Adirondacks with Sam, Dev, and Marcie.

A Day at Lake Placid with Sam, Dev, and Marcie, a set on Flickr.

Another great day in the Adirondacks with Sam, Dev, and Marcie.

Fall Frolic at Juniper Hill Farm, a set on Flickr.An amazing night!
Fall Frolic at Juniper Hill Farm 2014Fall Frolic at Juniper Hill Farm 2014Fall Frolic at Juniper Hill Farm 2014Fall Frolic at Juniper Hill Farm 2014

Fall Frolic at Juniper Hill Farm, a set on Flickr.

An amazing night!

Oct 07 2014

Join +Johanna Paraiso, @csloan on Wed 10.8 9PM ET/6PM PT w/@DanDoernberg of http://NowComment.comRE reading together #NWP

As part of Teachers Teaching Teachers shows celebrating teachers whose students are working together on are meeting with +Dan Doernberg, creator of along with educators who use NowComment with their students +Mary Moore and +Lisa Campbell .

Please plan to join our conversation at at 9PM ET/6PM PT We are planning to add social reading to our many ways of having students collaborate as they explore their passions in research projects throughout the year — with as the center of this work.

Join us on Wed. Oct. 8th at 9PM ET/6PM PT at if you are fascinated by the possibilities of having your students choose texts and annotate them with other students in other schools, building knowledge together.

What is NowComment?

NowComment is a new web application for group discussion, annotation, and close reading of text and multimedia documents. It encourages students to intellectually engage with the text, and with each other, by providing an ideal environment for online social learning:

• Students are empowered: they can start or join conversations about whatever they find interesting or important. 
• Students can express more ideas; unlike face-to-face discussion, comments made by one student don’t take time or opportunity away from others, so students are free to fully express their ideas, note implications, make connections to past readings, etc.
• Written transcripts are preserved for later study and review (as well as teacher evaluation).

NowComment offers many advantages over the previous generation of online discussion tools:

• Comments and the corresponding text show together, literally “in context.”
• NowComment is designed for flexible group use; some projects can involve the whole class while others involve one or more subgroups.
• Multiple document and comment views are available.
• Respond to any comment at any time, not just the most recent comment in a thread (allows continued, focused exploration of themes even after new themes are introduced).
• Students’ comments can be sorted (e.g., sorting by commenter makes grading fast and easy for teachers and also lets students see what their friends had to say)._

Let’s find out what this tool affords in our ongoing efforts to collaborate and coordinate our work on

See you on Wednesday, October 8th at 9PM ET/6PM PT at

Sep 30 2014

Celebrate Youth Voices on Teachers Teaching Teachers on the first day of Connected Educators Month

Join Oct 1 9PM ET/6PM PT Talk w/ #ConnectedEducators who use More: #NWP

Go to event:

A special-focus Connected Educator Month webinar will kick off on October 1st as part of the “Student Agency, Voice, and the Maker Movement” theme and set the stage for a month-long set of conversations about creating space, time and opportunities for this kind of connected learning in the classroom. An open online forum for youth and their teachers called will also be highlighted as a space that many regulars at TTT work in with youth.

Teachers Teaching Teachers is exactly what it claims to be – an opportunity for educators to touch base as peers and colleagues about connected learning and daily practice. Held every Wednesday evening at 9pm ET, New York City high school teacher Paul Allison invites open dialogue and conversations, “water cooler style,” among a range of teachers and learners from K-University educators, to developers, artists, mentors, coaches, designers, makers, dreamers and students. 

This is a perfect time to jump into this collegial and friendly community, as well as get introduced to a related youth/teacher forum called, if you haven’t been already. And if you have been, we invite you to reconnect and revisit throughout October. TTT is streamed live via Google Hangout at and includes a chat to increase the numbers who are able to participate.

Sep 27 2014
I’m joining NWP in looking back and leaping forward. Here’s to 40 more years of education innovation. #OurNWP

I’m joining NWP in looking back and leaping forward. Here’s to 40 more years of education innovation. #OurNWP

Sep 25 2014
Sep 23 2014

Joining the EdTechEquity Conversation on Teachers Teaching Teachers - Wed. 9.24 - 9PM ET/6PM PT

+Joe Dillon frames our conversation for this week’s TTT:

This week — 9.24 at 9PM ET/6PMPT on Teachers Teaching Teachers , we’ll speak with a panel of educators about launching a Twitter chat about equity in educational technology.  

For educators thinking about connected learning, the webinar series on Connected has posed important equity questions about digital tools in schools:

How does connected learning combat the growing gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ in education, and address broken pathways from education to economic opportunities.

What role can classroom teachers play in providing students (particularly those who do not have opportunities to produce digital content after school hours) access to transformative Connected Learning opportunities?

These questions echo in schools everywhere as access to digital devices increase, due in part to mandated online standardized testing. 

LA Unified School District spent over a billion dollars to put iPads and digital curriculum materials in students’ hands. Media reports of student “misbehavior” with iPads prompted UCLA’s +Nicole Mirra  (who will be with us for this episode of TTT) to write Innovators, Not Hackers, Stop Portraying Youth as Digital Deviants.

Her important commentary cautions that, with the digital shift upon them, schools must engage youth rather than label them. 

We will talk about the need to keep equity considerations like these in the foreground as schools unbox new devices, administer new tests, and grapple with the accompanying changes for teachers and students. After all, if equity in ed tech doesn’t have a hashtag, it can’t trend the way it should. 

Please plan to join us for this formative, open, conversation. Join +monika hardy , +Joe Dillon +Noah Giesel and more as we explore these important issues, and make plans for continuing such conversations. 

We’ll look for you at at 9PM ET/6PM PT on Wed. 9/24.

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Sep 16 2014

Re-join Paul Salopek’s journey Out of Eden Walk with your students this fall - Find out more - Wed. 9.17 9PM ET/6PM PT

Help relaunch w/ @LizDuraisingh& 4th/5th gr teacher @tabbatha11 Join 9.17 9PM ET/6PM PT #NWP

+Liz Dawes Duraisingh, project director at Project Zero’s Out of Eden walk Learn  recently sent this invitation:

This September we have new educators signed up from Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Oman and Spain and it would be great if you could join us too… If you would like to join a walking party soon, please be sure to login at and add a new class or classes to your account or reply to this email to express your interest. We are currently in the process of putting together new walking parties. 

In any case, if you haven’t already heard it, you may be interested to hear this updated welcome message to students from Paul, who is currently walking through Eastern Turkey: click on this YouTube link Out of Eden Learn: Paul Salopek’s intro message, recorded from the trail in Turkey, August 2014  Also, please be sure to check out our revised, shorter learning journey , which incorporates feedback we received from participating educators and students last year about improving and developing our curriculum. We are particularly excited about the new dialogue toolkit, which is designed to “deepen” student interactions.

Join us on this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers as we re-join Paul Saloek’s journey, 

Wednesday, September 17 at 9PM ET/6PM PT

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Sep 10 2014

Plan with teachers using Youth Voices tonight at 9PM ET/6PM PT on Teachers Teaching Teachers

Join    in a conversation about connecting our students on this fall. Join us live at 9PM ET/6PM PT on Wed Sep 10 at This will be an practical planning session. If you’ve wanted to get your students connected with their peers around interest-based projects that they share, join us tonight! Let us know if you would like to jump into the Hangout with us, or join the chat at

Sep 02 2014

Heard of +Rap Genius? What a fun, personally meaningful, and deeply engaging set of resources this is!

Now imagine +Education Genius or any number of possible Genius channels. Come learn more about and their aim to annotate the world on this week’s TTT We will be joined by Genius Education Director, +Jeremy Dean at 9pm ET/6pm PT on September 3rd, (thanks to +Paul Oh introduction).

Rap Genius/Poetry Genius/Lit Genius/Education Genius… all wrapped together at is an exciting tool! I can’t wait to use it with my students. (In fact, this announcement is a couple of hours later than I wanted it to be because I got so wrapped up in Genius!)

We have invited Youth Voices http://youthvocies.netteachers to join the conversation as well. I would like to see if we might use Genius to work on texts together this fall. In particular, I thought I would ask Jeremy to help us think about how to build community with teachers from all over the country whose students are using Youth Voices (or might be) this fall. AND… it seems to make sense for us to start with looking at a text about Ferguson together.

If you are interested in having your students use Youth Voices this fall, and if you can see some of the potential of having students connect on texts by annotating together — social reading — then please let me know that you would like to join Jeremy Dean and me in a Hangout On Air at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific.

Just respond to this note, and I’ll invite you on Wednesday.

Let’s build even more connections through close reading of texts our students choose!

Join us at at 9pm ET/6pm PT. You can watch and participate in the chat OR join us in the Hangout On Air. There’s likely to be room this week.

Come check it out!

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Aug 26 2014

#FergusonSyllabus and the beginning of the new school year on TTT - Wed. 8.27 9PM ET/6PM PT

Join K12 educators from CA, UT, MO, AL, MI, PA, NY talking #FergusonSyllabus & the new sch yr 9PM ET/6PM PT 8.27 #NWP 

This Wednesday at 9PM ET/6PM PT, we are gathering a small group of teachers — most of us using — to continue talking about how we are bringing the Michael Brown shooting and Ferguson protests into our classrooms.

As you may already know, Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) is an informal webcast where we have been meeting every Wednesday at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific since 2006, most recently on a Google+ Hangout On Air. YouTube: Please subscribe:

Last week Marcia Chatelain joined us to talk about her thinking around #FergusonSyllabus . 

In a recent post “5 Ways to Teach About Michael Brown and Ferguson in the New School Year” Christopher Emdin wrote just what many of us needed as we return to talk with skeptical colleagues. I know I’ll be using it this week when I return to my small transfer middle-becoming-high school in the Bronx, New Directions Secondary School.

We would love it if you could join us this Wednesday at 9PM Eastern to bring us your perspective and to help guide our conversation. Often we see TTT as a open staff meeting where all are welcomed to join. I embed the broadcast at the top of a Titanpad where people watch and discuss what we are saying.

Let me know if you would like to join us this Wednesday in our Hangout On Air at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific, or listen in and chat with us at

We’d love to have you!

Aug 24 2014

We were planning a “Welcome Back” episode on Teachers Teaching Teachers, something about how to launch connected learning with Youth Voices in our classrooms and how to be more planful about connecting our curriculum. #connectedlearning.

How do we do that after Michael Brown’s killing and the Ferguson protests? More than ever we need those days, even weeks of trust-building with our students, yet we also can’t pretend that Ferguson isn’t happening.

In addition to this webcast, we offer a small contribution with a #FergusonSyllabus or using Gooru, NowComment, Crocodoc, and Vialogues.

Start with your own questions, then deepen your inquiry into Michael Brown’s shooting, and the protests and confrontations in Ferguson by choosing from these articles, songs, interviews, photographs, blog posts, podcasts, reviews, videos, reports and surveys.

For this episode of TTT, Youth Voices teachers Chris Sloan, Paul Allison, Jo Paraiso, and Alicia Lobaco talk about how we are going to be launch a connected learning curriculum this year on Youth Voices and how we are talking about and learning from Michael Brown’s shooting, the protests, and the confrontatons in Ferguson. In addition we were also joined by Dr. Marcia Chatelain, who has been organizing #FergusonSyllabus on Twitter. On LinkedIn, Marcia writes:

I am first and foremost an educator. I have been teaching high school and college students since 2003. My career goals include publishing on the experiences of women and girls in the United States, African-American women’s leadership and the relationship between food and society.

Dr. Chatelin is also a Ford Foundation Diversity Postdoctoral Fellow and she is the recipient of a 2012-2013 Ford Foundation Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship to work on her second book on food and civil rights. She is also Assistant Professor in History

#FergusonSyllabus is a great way to connect with others who are thinking about when and how to bring the Michael Brown shooting into the curriculum.

One of the take-aways from this episode of TTT was to be reminded of the power of for our students. It’s important to see and hear the views of students from different communities. The students in Chris Sloan’s classes in Salt Lake City and the students in Jo Paraiso’s classes in Oakland and my students in the Bronx are relatively homogeneous, and they can learn a lot from talking with students outside of their immediate school communities, especially on issues of race.

Go to EdTechTalk to see the chat that was happening during this live webcast,
and to find links to a few of the resources shared during this episode of TTT.

Aug 23 2014

Like The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, which was originally written in 1900. 


Like The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, which was originally written in 1900. 

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