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Mar 23 2011

The conversation on teaching about the crises in Japan continues on this week’s Teachers Teaching Teachers.

We invite you to join us for a follow-up conversation from last week’s podcast: Teachers Teaching Teachers #239 - Bringing the crises in Japan into our classes: Dave Mammen, Kim Cofino, and Scott Lo -03.16.11. We plan to continue to talk about these issues, questions, assessments of the situation, ways we can help… What can we learn and teach now and in the future about the Great Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011?

Please plan to join us. We’ve invited friends of friends who live in Japan, students… Paul invited his principal, Ben Sherman, who taught in Asia and founded the East-West School of International Studies. Perhaps you have a friend who lives in Japan — or has a special interest in teaching and learning about Japan. Please let us know so we can invite them as well.
Join us at at 9:00 PM Eastern/6 PM PacificUSA, Wednesday, March 23, which is, 10:00 AM Japan Standard Time on Thursday, March 24. World Times

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