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Apr 30 2013

Join the conversation on Teachers Teaching Teachers, Wed., May 1, 9PM ET/6PM PT

TTT this week, Wed., May 1 promises to be a relaxed, spring conversation about what a small group of teachers are up to.

If you’ve ever wanted to join us at , this is the week to jump in!

Just come ready to answer: What have you been noticing? What dreams are you working to make come true? What connections are you makeing with people and ideas? What are you doing that’s awesome?

Please come prepared to talk about YOU and your work with students tomorrow, Wednesday at 9PM ET/6PM PT/ .

We’ve got room for you! Remember, it’s best to have ear buds, if possible.

And if you know of anybody else who might want to join us, please let them know that will be a relaxed, how-are-you-doing week on TTT, and invite them for us!

Here’s some of the people who will be — or wil be trying their best — to join us at on Wednesday, May 1 at 9PM ET/6PM PT/

monika hardy, Jo Paraiso, Joan Stewart, Jim Nordlinger, Paul Allison, Chad Sansing, and Richard Capozzi

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