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Jul 02 2013

What kinds of stories do we need about teaching and learning? TTT Wed. 7/3 9PM ET/6PM PT

Join/help @kfasimpaur @JimNordlinger plan video for Summer Program Wed 7/3 9PM ET/6PM PT #NWP

It’s a planning-in-public episode on Teachers Teaching Teachers.

This week along with my colleagues in the New York City Writing Project, +Grace Raffaele +Jim Nordlinger +Noah Gordon Aliyah Hayes, we’ve been individually meeting 15 high school students who will be joined by five teachers for a three-week summer program focused on and

What an exciting group of youths we’ve been lucky enough to gather for this program! And thank you to all of our supporters who contributed to make this possible!

On this week’s TTT, +Jim Nordlinger our video production lead and +Karen Fasimpaur (who will be joining us in the third week) and I will be extending conversations we’ve been having about the story we want to tell with a video that Jim has been shooting about the deep learning students and teachers do together on Youth Voices.

From the intake interviews this week (and even before in a teacher’s classroom) to the final exhibition on July 25th Jim has been pointing his camera at our interactions. On TTT we’ll be talking about what story we want to tell with this video project.

We would love for you to join us to add any insights you might have about what audience we should be aiming to connect with (the average citizen?) and what message we want to convey about the way teachers and students can work together in an online learning space built on National Writing Project values and beliefs.

Join us as we make transparent our planning process. We would love to have you challenge us and support us, to make us re-think and to be inspired as we begin this adventure together on Monday, July 8.

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