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Aug 27 2013

Teachers and Students from IDEC 2013 and the Youth Voices Summer Program on TTT Wed. 8.28.13 9PM ET/6PM PT

Summers are often filled with exploring and learning. This summer was no exception—for many students and teachers.

Join us on TTT on Wed. 8.28.13 9PM ET/6PM PT and meet the students and teachers listed below. We’ll be talking about amazing experiences of learning and being together this summer—and perhaps most importantly—we’ll ask how these experiences are coming with us into the fall.

We will be joined by both teachers and youths who worked together in the New York City Writing Projects Youth Voices Summer Program and teachers and students who attended IDEC 2013 What an exciting group to ask: What future do you want to create!

Please join us at at 9PM ET/6PM PT on Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Monika Hardy and Paul Allison will host:
Karen Fasimpaur, Grace Raffaele, Jim Nordlinger, Marina Lombardo, Cristian Buendia, Eva Martinez, Darcy Bedortha, Amori Richards, Javarius Jones, Darcy Bedortha, Jerry Aero, Aliyah Hayes, Sabrina Joy Stevens, Matt Murrie, Tolu Olorunda… and YOU!

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